Haunted Trails @ Old Car City, USA

Atlanta Classic Cars Cemetery from Berliwood on Vimeo.

"OPEN RAIN or SHINE, MudDy or DRY!!!"
Please don’t let mother nature scare you away, we have plenty of actors, ready to scare you!

Welcome to the Atlanta area “ Fright or Flight" HAUNTED TRAILS @ OLD CAR CITY, USA. Nestled in the foothills of N. W. Georgia Mountains where the same family has owned and operated for over a century

These cars are buried in miles and miles of worn trails. There is a story for each car that you can only imagine how it came to rest in this Rust & Chrome graveyard. As you walk in the forest your ears will come ALIVE with vivid haunts of these old cars past.

Will you be BRAVE enough to take this challenge at NIGHT!!??? People say during the daylight these trails and cars come alive. Imagine what the NIGHT will bring...

Come see for yourself if these cars and trails are haunted. Folks that visit during the daytime sometimes feel the cars talking while the forest embraces them and will NOT LET GO. Some say the area might be sacred with so many Civil Wars so close by. Wouldn't surprise us if you run into a Confederate Soldier asking for
The ghosts of decades past come alive in the CREEPIEST Haunted Trail you've ever experienced. Sinister evils lurk around every corner...
Once you enter the GATE you will experience a one of a kind sensory overload!
On this journey you will feel and see what many believe is a true HAUNTED AND SACRED SANCTUARY!
You will be escorted by a trusted guide who will make sure everyone comes out unscathed.


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3098 Hwy. 411 N. E.
White, GA 30184